Investing to solve global problems

We are a private investment group focused on finding and implementing solutions that improve the quality of human life globally.

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We are on a mission to solve global
problems using business as a tool
for change.


We invest in sustainable and affordable accomodation for students, workers and families.


We invest in media networks enabling brands connect with their consumers where they live, work, commute and play.


We invest in healthcare distribution networks globally.


We invest in sustainable transportation networks for urban cities.


We invest in fintech solutions for middle market businesses and SMEs.


We invest in automation technology that makes people's lives easier and helps businesses scale faster.

We invest in solutions across various industries globally.

We believe that the private sector plays an important role in solving some of the world’s
greatest challenges, so we support the ideas and people
at the forefront of solving these challenges.

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Learn how we are solving
problems using media

We are helping brands connect with their target audiences globally.

Through our media arm - Core Interactive, we are creating the
world's largest outdoor broadcast network enabling brands reach
consumers across various demographies easily.


From Our Press Team

Adtech Company

ASIA Edbita- $2m (Min)

Healthcare Distribution

ASIA Edbita- $2m (Min)

How we are changing the game

Richmond Eke Dec 10, 2018